Nordea IT - Capital Markets is looking for exceptional graduates

In order to meet the demands of our partners in the Nordea Capital Markets division, IT - Capital Markets is looking for 5-10 exceptionally talented graduates. The successful candidates are up for a 2-year challenge, packed with opportunities and problems waiting to be solved.

From your first day, you will be part of one of our teams delivering technology solutions to Nordea’s business. During the two years, you will be working in 2-3 different roles in the various sub-divisions of IT - Capital Markets, in addition to a tenure in one of the Capital Markets business units. This will allow you to obtain a broad understanding of what IT - Capital Markets is all about and give you a privileged position to really make a difference.

You will be offered an array of training opportunities to support your development, and will be assigned a mentor from day one.
At the end of the two-year period, the graduates will move to a permanent position in one of the IT - Capital Markets sub-divisions. From there, they will be able to continue their careers at Nordea.

Provide Nordea Capital Markets with global technology solutions at par with international competitors
The banking industry is in the midst of an unprecedented change, and banks are to a large extent relying on technology to be the differentiator between success and failure.Nordea’s Capital Markets business units rely on IT - Capital Markets to provide technology that will allow the bank to stand strong and excel in this environment.

Ambitious and innovative drivers of change
We are looking for talented young individuals who are about to graduate from a major university with a Master’s degree in technology, business or natural sciences degree.

Regardless of background, your ambition, curiosity and versatility should be reflected in your curriculum. In addition, you should possess strong interpersonal-, communication- and leadership skills.
The environment we work in is truly fast-paced and ever-changing. We look for individuals who are able to excel and serve as a catalyst in these conditions.

For further information about the job, contact Pernille Schelthauer Jacobsen on +45 33 33 36 48 or email
Send your application no later than 15 February 2012 by using our electronic application form on Use jobid 128363.

IT - Capital Markets is the workplace of approximately 200 developers, business analysts, architects, project managers and other technologists. Together with local and off-shore consultants we form an exceptional team where everyone is allowed to excel and fully exploit their potential.

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